How To Choose A Mattress: Things To Consider When Buying A Mattress

How To Choose A Mattress: Things To Consider When Buying A Mattress

The sun has set, and there’s no turning back now. You need to get some rest. Your bed is noisy and painful for your back, you don’t really look forward to going to sleep. So, you’re not getting any sleep because you’re looking for mattress buying guides, aren’t you? Wow, it seems like you found the correct link! Buying a new bed can be a daunting task, but we are here to help. Everything you need to know about bed and mattress types is right here. Continue reading.

1. What to consider before choosing a mattress?

Getting a better night’s rest begins with picking out a mattress that suits your needs. When shopping, it’s important to consider more than just your budget when making a purchase. There are a number of more critical structural aspects to think about when deciding how a bed will look, feel, and function for you including types of mattresses, mattress size, your sleep problems and the suitable time to replace your mattress.

2. Choose Types of Mattresses

There are many different kinds of mattresses, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so this is a really pertinent question. On top of that, you may not be the best fit for a certain mattress type. So, what exactly are the several mattress options available?

Types of Mattresses

2.1. Memory Foam

People seeking a mattress with pressure-relieving characteristics should consider a memory foam model. You can alleviate strain on your joints and get a better night’s sleep with a memory foam mattress. If you suffer from back pain, you may find relief on this kind of mattress because it contours to your body. Most people who sleep on their backs or sides like memory foam mattresses because of how well they support these positions.

Memory foam is great for couples who value their privacy because it does not transmit motion. Many different kinds of foams are typically mixed with this material, expanding the variety of alternatives available. One major drawback of memory foam is the amount of heat it retains. Fortunately, this is no longer an issue as most manufacturers have discovered ways to make the memory foam stay cool all night long.

Memory Foam Mattress

2.2. Latex

While memory foam and latex mattresses are quite comparable, latex mattresses are firmer and have greater bounce. The natural latex is made from sap that rubber trees generate. Because of this, latex is the go-to material for eco-conscious consumers seeking an organic mattress. As one might expect, latex mattresses are more costly than memory foam ones, but they also last longer, so that’s something to think about.

Any sleeping position, even on one’s stomach, can benefit from latex. Latex mattresses, like memory foam, do not transmit motion, making them an excellent choice for couples who sleep on the same bed.

Latex Mattress

2.3. Pocket Sprung

Mattresses with individual pocket springs encased in fabric compartments are known as Pocket Springs. They provide more tailored assistance to sleepers since they operate independently. For couples whose weights vary, this is the best mattress option. You can relax knowing that you won’t annoy your partner because pocket springs don’t transfer motion.

You can discover a mattress that suits your demands using pocket springs because they come in various shapes, heights, and, most significantly, tensions. An additional perk of using them is the ventilation they provide because of their form. Because of their adaptability and capacity to support proper spinal alignment, side sleepers love pocket-sprung mattresses.

Pocket Sprung Mattress

2.4. Hybrid

Most manufacturers adhere to the current trend of hybrid mattresses. Hybrid mattresses often incorporate both innerspring support and the advantages of memory foam or latex into one comfortable and adaptable sleeping surface. The base of the mattress is made of pocket springs for support, while the top is filled with latex or memory foam for pressure relief. Emma, Simba, and Nectar are just a few of the many modern mattress-in-a-box brands that use a hybrid design.

Every sleeping position can be accommodated by hybrid mattresses, depending on their feel and architecture. So, it’s important to choose yours wisely. A pillow top or two layers of springs are only two of the many options available. Nighttime temperatures are usually manageable because they breathe well. Hybrid mattresses have taken over the sleeping world for all the reasons mentioned above.

Hybrid Mattress

3. Choose a Mattress Size

3.1. Twin

Measures 38 by 75 inches for the pairs. Teens, younger children, and adults under six feet tall should consider a twin mattress. The least expensive option is a twin mattress.

Ideal for kids, people on a budget, or those using bunk beds as their only sleeping arrangement.

3.2. Twin XL

The dimensions of the twin XL are 38 by 80 inches. Curious about the distinction between a twin XL and a regular twin? If your child or teen is growing at a rate faster than Jack’s beanstalk, you might want to consider a Twin XL mattress, which is 5 inches longer than a twin.

Ideal for kids who are on the taller side or adults who have limited space to work with.

3.3. Full

51 by 75 inches. For those seeking compact comfort, a full mattress is a good choice. On the other hand, unless you don’t mind your toes hanging off the bed, people over six feet tall should probably keep their distance.

Ideal for: Individuals who prefer to sleep alone, snuggling couples, or as an extra bed for guests

3.4. Queen

Dimensions: 60 by 80 inches. One of the most comfortable bed sizes for snuggly couples or those who have pets is a queen bed. A master or guest bedroom would be ideal for this conventional mattress size. There is no better investment than a queen mattress if you have the room for it, since they are usually priced comparable to full mattresses.

Optimal for adults or couples seeking more space.

3.5. King

76 by 80 inches dimensions. These beds are ideal for couples looking for more room to stretch out, since they provide king-sized comfort with maximum space utilization. Or parents who have a few children who have trouble sleeping and often seek refuge in bed. The downside? Even a smaller bedroom could seem claustrophobic with a king mattress.

Apt for families with little children or dogs that like to sleep in the same bed as their parents.

3.6. California King

Measurements: 72 by 84 inches. If you’re a tall couple seeking a lot of room, a California king mattress is the way to go when deciding between a king and a California king mattress. Moving a mattress of this size can be quite challenging, so it’s best to avoid cross-country moves if at all possible. Our Cal King and normal King mattresses are priced identically, even though California king mattresses are usually more expensive.

Ideal for families or couples that value generous living quarters

4. Determine firmness

Determine Your Firmness Mattress

The way the mattress makes you feel is another crucial factor. It is inaccurate to use the phrases soft, medium, and firm because this is actually a spectrum. But let’s try to be practical and classify all mattresses into these three groups.

4.1. Soft

When you lay down on a soft mattress, you can really sink into it. Whether you sleep on your back or side, these pillows will support your body as you drift off to dreamland. Also, if you’re a big guy, you should probably get a firmer mattress since soft ones are better for smaller sleepers. The fact that many seniors choose softer mattresses is likely due to their high level of comfort. However, if you insist on a softer mattress, be careful to get one that supports your spine in a neutral position.

4.2. Medium

The most popular size of mattress is the medium, which is ideal since it provides both comfort and support. Not only are they great for couples, but they work for most body types. Whether they’re ideal for back, side, or stomach sleepers depends on how they feel. This is where the vast majority of boxed mattresses land, since they typically have a medium-firm texture. For the typical sleeper, these are the best all-around mattresses.

4.3. Firm

People who weigh a lot or want to sleep on their front could benefit from a firm mattress. If you suffer from back pain, they can provide you the support you need. Most orthopedic mattresses are designed to be firm, and that’s not by accident. Those who sleep on their stomachs or backs, but not their sides, should look for a firm mattress. While this isn’t always the case, most firm mattresses prevent the hips from sinking far enough to promote proper spinal alignment.

To help you choose the perfect feel, we’ve included some general guidelines in the table below. But these are for regular weight sleepers only. You should go up two units on the firmness scale if you tend to sit on the heavier side. Read our guide, which includes the top mattresses for heavy people, if you require further assistance.

5. Sleep Concerns

Sleep Concerns

5.1. Back Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain in your back or neck, your doctor may suggest a memory foam or orthopedic mattress. This is due to its ergonomic design, which alleviates back pain and prevents aching joints upon waking.

For those who experience chronic back discomfort, a medium-firm mattress is the way to go in terms of comfort rating. Since sinking into a mattress that is excessively soft might create spinal misalignment, this is the case. But if it’s too hard, you might wake up with aches and pains. To learn more about alleviating back discomfort, click here.

5.2. Getting hot during the night

Choosing the right mattress should be your first priority if you often get hot flashes while sleeping. Because of its unique design, the gel filling of ActiGel mattresses helps control temperature and keeps you cool, making them ideal for this situation. Another option would be to choose a mattress that is filled with natural materials, such wool, silk, cotton, or mohair, and has layers of these permeable fillings.

5.3. Sleeping with your partner

A significant portion of adulthood sleeps in doubles. People frequently complain about partner disruption, so you should make sure you have a couple’s mattress. Motion transmission is minimized in this kind of bed, allowing you and your companion to sleep soundly. In addition, selecting a mattress with excellent edge support is crucial if you share a bed with someone. Naturally, since this is another frequent issue that leads to issues, you should also make sure that you are the proper size.

5.4. Suffering from allergies

If you suffer from severe allergies, it is essential to choose a mattress that will not aggravate your condition. The hypoallergenic qualities of most mattresses manufactured from man-made materials make them a popular choice for those who suffer from skin sensitivities or respiratory conditions like asthma. If you suffer from allergies, it’s best to stay away from mattresses filled with natural materials like wool or mohair. If you or a loved one suffers from allergies, consider one of these famous hypoallergenic mattress brands.

5.5. Sleeping during pregnancy

Pregnancy makes everything more complicated. Having the finest mattress for pregnancy is essential since it can have a significant impact on your sleep. Nearly half of all pregnant women experience sleeplessness during the first and second trimesters. It’s no surprise, really. In the third trimester, the number jumps to 64%! The position that is most comfortable for you to sleep in when pregnant is your side. Because of this, you should look for a medium-firm or medium-soft mattress that can accommodate certain sleeping positions. Also, get a mattress with features that alleviate pressure on joints and can support your additional weight.

5.6. Menopause

Night sweats are common among menopausal women. They may find it difficult to sleep as a result of these. Making sure your sleeping arrangement is suitable will help you cope with such challenges. Locate a mattress that allows air to circulate as you sleep. If you suffer from extreme night sweats, this will assist. Second, choose a mattress that won’t aggravate your joints while you slumber. If you want to protect your spine and other sensitive regions from the wear and tear that comes with age and poor sleeping habits, invest in a high-quality mattress. These are the two most typical issues that women go through during menopause, but it’s important to consult a doctor if you encounter any additional symptoms.

6. When to replace your mattress?

Time To Replace Mattress

You should probably get a new mattress every seven to eight years, however there is no hard and fast rule on this. Of course, there is a wide range in the durability of mattresses; some can endure for well over a decade. Having said that, there are a few telltale indicators that it may be time to get a new mattress. Among them are:

  • The sleeping surface is no longer flat, and there is a drooping area in the center.
  • Compared to before, it’s much noisier now. This indicates that the pocket springs or inner springs are starting to show their age.The quality of your sleep has diminished.
  • A lot of times during the night, you wake up.
  • When you move your bed to a different room, you find that you sleep much better.
  • In most cases, you should get rid of your old mattress if you think that getting a new one would make a difference in the amount and quality of your sleep.

With any luck, you have found this final section of our mattress purchase guide to be both informative and useful. We promise to get back to you as quickly as we can if you feel the need for more assistance.

If we had to give you one piece of advice while you search for the mattress of your dreams, it would be to stay focused on what you need. Since this is a personal journey, consider what matters most to you and how you sleep. You will undoubtedly find a mattress that is ideal for you if you follow through on that.

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